Checklist for Avoiding Plagiarism

Type of source 
Are you using 
· your own independent material, 
· common knowledge, or 
· someone else’s independent material? 
You must acknowledge someone else’s material. 

· Do all quotations exactly match their sources? Check them
· Have you inserted quotation marks around quotations that are run into 
your text? 
· Have you shown omissions with ellipsis marks and additions with 
· Does every quotation have a source citation? 
Paraphrases and summaries 

· Have you used your own words and sentence structures for every 
paraphrase and summary? If not, use quotation marks around the original 
author’s words. 
· Does every paraphrase and summary have a source citation
The Web 

· Have you obtained any necessary permission to use someone else’s 
material on your Web site? 
Source Citations 

· Have you acknowledged every use of someone else’s material in the 
place where you use it
· Does your list of works cited include all the sources you have used? 

· You can download this checklist from this book’s Web site: see the box 
Taken from: Fowler, Ramsey H. and Jane I. Aaron. The Little, Brown Handbook. New York: 
Pearson Education, Inc., 2004. Companion Website