6th Grade Boot Camp Tech Lessons

Southside Middle School is turning 50!
Day One:
Practice searching the internet effectively and efficiently (remember our class discussion about what that means) to find the answers to these questions about life 50 years ago.  Open this Google Doc and make a copy to edit for yourself.  Share your finished product with your Social Studies teacher and Mrs. Bridges.

Day Two:
Use the data below to make a graph in Google Sheets to show how the population of Manchester, NH has changed over time.  After you make your graph, answer the following question:  What does your graph tell you about Manchester's population growth in the 19th century, the 20th century and the 21st century?  Be sure to share your finished product with your Math teacher and Mrs. Bridges.

1823        761
1870        23,509
1909        56,987
1967        87,754
1980        90,936
2010        109,565
2017        110,229